Revisiting "Death in Hong Kong" 重訪「死在香港」

重訪「死在香港」 Revisiting "Death in Hong Kong"

archival exhibition, document, video, interview,


「死在香港」是一個曾經發生在前油街藝術村的展覽計劃。當時藝術公社租用了油街藝術村一個最邊緣、沒人願意租用、原用作擺放沒人認領屍體的停屍間作為會址,並策劃了一個以「死亡」為主題的展覽,後來成為藝術公社在油街時期其中一個較為人熟知的計劃。16年後的今天,油街藝術村已變成「油街實現」,藝術公社亦已經不復存在。對照當下時空,「死亡」作為一種生存狀態的過渡、一個被壓抑、禁而不語的符號,無不呼應香港政治文化的邊緣性。 是次計劃,我們將與大家一同回溯「死在香港」,展出一段追訪當年相關參與者的錄像及部份相關紀錄文獻。從而重新發掘這段快被遺忘,前油街藝術村及至香港藝術的自發組織生態之重要一面。

“Death In Hong Kong” was an exhibition project that once took place at the previous Oil Street Artist Village”. At that time, Artist Commune rented the unpopular spot at the very edge of Oil Street Artist Village. The spot was used to be a mortuary. This explains why the later exhibition was based on “Death” and became one of the well-known projects of Artist Commune. 16 years later, Oil Street Artist Village has become “Oi!” while Artist Commune no longer exists. Reflecting on nowadays’ time and space, “Death” as the transition of existence, a suppressed and silence sign, resonates with the marginality of politics in Hong Kong. This project reminisces about “Death In Hong Kong” - by looking at related archive and documents, and a video interview with the participants of the exhibition at that time, it rediscovers the soon forgotten significance of the former Oil Street Artist Village and the ecology of the self-initiated organizations of the local art scene.